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Thread: Finding Purpose for Split Ends

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    Default Finding Purpose for Split Ends

    We've just wrapped up our camp and summer scrimmages, and one thing that stood out for me from camp is how boring it is to be an "X" in our system. We'll split off for offensive individual and it feels like there are meaningful things for the every position, but X's. As it stands right now, our X's work on different stalk blocking drills, and then they finish by going through our core routes: slant, fade, hitch, comeback route.

    In our Buck Series their rules are...

    Sweep: Runoff/Cutoff
    Trap: Runoff/Cutoff
    Waggle: Fade, Basically a runoff, not throwing to him most likely
    XX: Stalk

    Belly Series

    Belly: Runoff/Cutoff
    Keep/Pass: Fade, Basically a runoff, not throwing to him most likely
    Tackle Trap: Runoff/Cutoff
    Sweep: Stalk Block
    Rocket: Stalk Block

    I've always told by guys this is a self-less position, but dang...

    I have 2 questions...

    First, I've been curious what the rules are for your Split-Ends on the base plays above. I jump between Running off and Cutoff Blocks, and it's almost a running a joke whenever we diagram a play. I'll get to the X and kids will call out "Run him off!"

    Second, Anything you do with daily drills or your actual system, that could light some fire in an X? We do run a 3 step drop isolation route every once in a while to him, but I'm talking 2-4 times a game.

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    You can bring them in close (slot 900) and have them block inside on outside runs, possibly cracking a lb, then playaction that with a fake crack and go run right down the middle (coupled with a wheel by the sameside wing) xx-go to safety, let qb block cb

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    One of the things we've done with our Waggle is to run our SE on a "V-Flag" where he starts off at a 45* angle for 5-8 yards and then works back to the corner. We've hit that a few times on Waggle. Also I always like aligning him in "Close/Split" (4-6yds from the OT) and running him on a true Corner route on Waggle.

    When we go SE over on Bucksweep we've done some things with aligning him "Close" and having him crack the ILB or aligning him in his normal position with SE over and cracking a filling $ (good if you are facing Quarters/Robber type coverage).

    On Belly Pass I always like aligning him in Close and running him on a true Corner route so that he can be a legitimate #1 read off of the Belly fake. I've never actually done it but I'd also like to look at running him on a "Burst Corner" from a regular alignment to time up better with the QB's fake.

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    But it's also the position for the guys who cant play anywhere else in the offense. We will have a couple of legit WR types and rest are scrubs.

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    As always I have several thoughts.

    On Waggle I like the idea of a V cut. We ran a Post/Corner to a comeback 17-15. 10 yds vertical, 2 steps to the post, then to the corner. Look at my answer to the 7on7 post and you'll get an idea how to run what we called Waggle Dig and the Delaware guys called it Waggle @5.

    We ran a 1 step throw to the SE away from a Jet TE fake when we got a rotation and back off by the corner. The SE did a drop step, crossover and gained 1 yard. Looked like a carioca. You could do it to the inside or outside depending on the split of the SE.

    We made the SE responsible to make the call on the pattern on our 3 step game by using hand signals. He was in the best position to read the depth and width of the corner and run an appropriate pattern. If corner is:
    1. Backed off 10 a hitch @6...tap face mask...slot ran a seam
    2. Backed off 5 or more yds with outside a slant 6 yd break point...wiggle inside hand...slot ran arrow
    3. Backed off 5 yds or more with inside a speed out @6...wiggle outside hand...slot ran seam
    4. Press in a fade...wipe hand on chest...slot ran a seam and broke out to the flat when SE cleared.

    If you are running a lot of Belly you might want to try Belly Curl Pass. We ran a lot of this in the 90's which is a drop back pass after the quick poke to the FB. SE ran a Curl usually somewhere between 12-15 yds depending on the depth of the LB's and reaction of the safeties. The slot ran a wheel. We also ran a Belly Post pass when the safety wanted to come down on the Belly with the slot running a wheel.

    When we were in our Rip/Liz formations which was tackle over with a SE/slot to the unbalanced side and a TE/OG on the backside we ran a ton of Buck Sweep to the long side to get the corner out of the action making someone else be the force. As soon as the safety stuck his nose downhill to help on the sweep we ran Buck Sweep KP which basically was a 1 man pattern with the SE running a post and the faking Buck Sweep back going to the flat delayed as your safety valve.

    We did teach our SE's to shoulder block because we did get into what I called "Close" formations... White Close= 2 SE's lined up 3 yards from the slots who were lined up 3 yards from the tackles. This is an excellent Jet/Rocket/Buck formation and also great for running bunch plays vs. man with motion to trips. With the SE's blocking down on ILB's shoulder skills are necessary.

    Hope this gives you food for thought. As always write or call with questions. Glad to help if I can.

    Rich Erdelyi

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