Hey Guys!
Just something of an "update" and to let you know that if you are interested, I'm glad to help!
Borrowing from my friend, the OC at my alma mater- William and Mary, we are in the midst of fine-tuning our "Go-Go" Multiple Wing T Offense. And it's going well. Our players have responded to the need to sprint around everywhere they go and we are seeing that we can probably increase our average number of plays per game from 41 (last year's average) to 60 this fall. I like what one "up tempo" coach said: "That gives us the opportunity to score a LOT more points!" I like it cuz it's a great motivational challenge for our players. I'm telling them that one of our Game Objectives is: our opponent's coach has to call time out cuz his kids are gassed! We've run them into the dirt." Our guys love it!

I can't give away everything!!! but... I'm wiling to share with anyone who's interested how we have adapted our Multiple Wing T System into a high octane offense. We run several packages: 1- under center (100/900); 2- Shotgun (Red/Blue); 3- Spread with 2 backs on each side of the QB; Malzahn (Sniffer) Spread; 4 wide (basic Air Raid passing attack) AND... our players' favorite: a Spinning Single Wing goal line package!

Let me know at coachlewj@gmail.com