We've just wrapped up our camp and summer scrimmages, and one thing that stood out for me from camp is how boring it is to be an "X" in our system. We'll split off for offensive individual and it feels like there are meaningful things for the every position, but X's. As it stands right now, our X's work on different stalk blocking drills, and then they finish by going through our core routes: slant, fade, hitch, comeback route.

In our Buck Series their rules are...

Sweep: Runoff/Cutoff
Trap: Runoff/Cutoff
Waggle: Fade, Basically a runoff, not throwing to him most likely
XX: Stalk

Belly Series

Belly: Runoff/Cutoff
Keep/Pass: Fade, Basically a runoff, not throwing to him most likely
Tackle Trap: Runoff/Cutoff
Sweep: Stalk Block
Rocket: Stalk Block

I've always told by guys this is a self-less position, but dang...

I have 2 questions...

First, I've been curious what the rules are for your Split-Ends on the base plays above. I jump between Running off and Cutoff Blocks, and it's almost a running a joke whenever we diagram a play. I'll get to the X and kids will call out "Run him off!"

Second, Anything you do with daily drills or your actual system, that could light some fire in an X? We do run a 3 step drop isolation route every once in a while to him, but I'm talking 2-4 times a game.