My focus has always been on Bucksweep and Jet and we do a really good job with those plays. The next several years I have some QBs who can run and I'd like to work on our Belly Series. Belly has worked well for us with a Jet fake but thats about it. I'm wondering if anyone runs a QB keep or QB sweep off the belly? I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to pull the TE or wing or even both as lead blockers for the QB. Would this time up? So QB reverse pivot, get deep and fake belly to FB. Playside blocks just like belly except the playside guard will Log the DE rather than kick out. Wing or TE or both will come across the formation and lead the QB around the edge?

I know a lot of teams run Belly sweep or 2nd man to the wing but My QBs can run and I'd like them to keep it and see if the wing could lead.