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Thread: Where is Coach Klausing?

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    Default Where is Coach Klausing?

    I am more of a reader than a poster. I have not seen Coach Klausing post anything lately. Did Bryan ban him from the site?
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  2. Default Chuck Klausing is Doing Fine

    Coach: To the best of my knowledge, Chuck is getting ready for yet another honor in recognition of his outstanding decades of service to football.

    On June 20, the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) will honor Coach Klausing by inducting him into the WPIAL Hall of Fame. Of course, Chuck is already a member of the College Football Hall of Fame for his years of coaching at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and at Carnegie Mellon. (As far as I can tell, he is also a member of either 7 or 8 other Halls of Fame...)

    The WPIAL recognition is for Coach Klausing's tenure at Braddock High School, where he won 6 consecutive WPIAL championships in a row from 1954-59, along the way setting a WPIAL record of 56 straight unbeaten games.

    And of course Coach K is too modest to tell us about all of this, so I thought I'd just slip in the information...


    Ted Seay
    Vienna, Austria

  3. Default Chuck Klausing reporting to active duty

    Thanks for being concerned.I have so much happening to me. We moved April 1 to 304 St Andrews Court, Indiana Pa 15701.On May 9 Joan and I celebrated our 60th Wedding anniversary. We had most of our family witness redoing our Vows at church.
    June 20th I am being honored by the WPIAL, This is the league were I learned to coach.
    I am planning to attend our camp at Taylor U in Upland In June 18 to 20. We have over 200 players from 5 schools and 40 coaches to attend. If you are near by come and visit. This is so much better than a clinic. You see good wing t coaches teaching players on the field. They also clinic the coaches before or after every practice.We have many of the Carnegie Mellon Coaches and H S coaches that have won state championships doing the teaching.
    I am preparing a message that I want to pass on to the players.
    1. How to get a major college scholarship
    2. How to make it to the NFL.
    I believe I have some good information to pass on.
    Chuck Klausing

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