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Thread: Waggle Read Progression

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    Default Waggle Read Progression

    When and if should the QB look for the backside skinny post by the wing on waggle? Any help would be great, our O.C. thinks this is the qb's first read.

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    Our Read Progression ...

    1) Long

    2) Short

    3) Start Run ... if you see crosser throw it if open ... if not continue to run ..

    When we want the QB to throw the backside post ... We call the play and add "look to the backside post"


  3. Default Boot Backside

    Coach, We tell our QB's not to throw backside until we call it. We want our shot to count if we are going to take it. Yes, I've had a couple of QB's make that throw and complete it for a TD without the call and I tell them "Nice throw..." When installing we go #1 Rec route, #2Drag, #3 Fullback, don't throw backside until we call it. We have since installed Boot Cruise ( A read route by the TE on the FS... Curl at 12 or skinny for a TD, Wing gets in a wide "Go" to take the corner out of the equation. We like to call it to our wing also. It has been our most successful boot the past 2 years. Hope this helps...

    Mike Parsons
    HC Modesto Christian HS
    Modesto CA

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    We 1) peek deep (#1 post-corner), 2) FB flat, 3) Drag, 4) Run. We will call post from the box, but we also have had a couple thrown for TD's without the call.

    We have several backside route calls: Drag (#1 drags to the side of the playfake), Wheel (back faking sweep), Away (FB through the LOS and then to the backside), & Corner (Post runs a Post-Corner to the backside with Drag splitting two safeties when applicable). We threw Drag for two long TD's during the season last year (great against man), and we won our 7-on-7 tournament today on Corner with :18 to go.

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    Default Progression on Waggle


    Our progression is...

    Corner, Crosser, Flat
    We do this for a variety of reasons.
    #1 our FB does not always get into the flats because of protection issues.
    #2 we feel that the "corner, crosser, flat" progression is a more natural progression for our QB. Essentially, (using west coast terminology) he would be reading touchdown to checkdown.

    Backside route is thrown only after seen from pressbox view. Along with Waggle screen and waggle wheel!

    What are some of your favorite waggle variations?

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    Default progression

    1.deep[out-fly-angle flag] 2.short[fb-cross] backside post called from pressbox

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    We taught it this way:
    1) Post-Corner - SE
    2) Flat - FB
    3) Drag - TE
    4) Run if it's open
    5) Post - WB (like LKelly ... only if we tell you to)

    Good luck,
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    We do the same thing as many other coaches...we just yell out "backside" to the QB, or BS. Then the QB's progression is backside deep route to backside Swing to the Halfback that fakes Sweep. If neither are open, QB runs.

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    We run a waggle CB (comeback) ...

    The SE runs what looks like the post corner .... then breaks the pattern off to the sidelines at 1st down marker .... FB runs the deep flag

    We also run a waggle PE (post exchange) ... SE and FB run normal routes ... TE and WB switch routes ... TE - backside post ... WB runs the Xing route ... we like this when the wing is a good receiver ...


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    I may be the only person who does this but we teach 1 safety read short to deep 2 safeties deep - short. Third read = run and like all backside is huddle call.


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