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Thread: coach Plaa's Wing-T clinic DVD

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    Default coach Plaa's Wing-T clinic DVD

    I had the pleasure of reviewing Coach Plaa's DVD Wing-t Shot Gun videos and found them to be full of excellent ideas and concepts. coach does a great job of helping answer questions on the forum. If you are looking for new ideas for the Wing-T, Coach Plaa's DVD series is a great place to start!

    Bryan Schaumloffel
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default Plaa's Gun Wing-T

    I purchased the DVD set and found it to be outstanding also

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    Default Paa's Clinic

    Yes, I agree. However, I wonder if you can imerge both Lew's version with Paa's?? I love both as a change up!
    Gael Force

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    I just received Coach Plaa's stuff- it is outstanding football material with many practice/game film examples as well as in/offseason ideas fro motivation and fundraising. Many thanks to him for putting that together. MUST HAVE IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SPREAD WING T STUFF!

  5. Default Coach Plaa-Spread-Gun-Wing T.

    I read the article by Coach Plaa in Coach of the year Clinic Notes. I just had to see cut ups of his offense. His tapes are outstanding. Many DVDs have the coach spend all the time Clinic the offense. He does some but most of all he teaches with his team running the offense in games. It is one of the best I have ever seen.He is from California and I have often wondered how the offense which we thought was an East Coast Offense got to the West Coast.Then I remember that Pop Warner when he was at Pitt sent Andy Kerr to begin coaching at Stanford in 1933 and then followed himself. Andy left and went to W & J and then to Colgate. I have pages in 1935 of Colgate running the Double Wing. Coach Plaa must have played at Stanford for Andy or Pop. I am impressed with coaches that come up with new Ideas to Win with the Wing t or the Double Wing.
    Chuck Klausing

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    Thanks for the great recommendation. Our offense evolved from a traditional Wing-T, because coaches on my staff were doing a lot of "what if" asking. We went to it out of necessity...we had a good QB, no true Tight End, an average O-Line, and some pretty good backs. This offense is the end result. It stays very true to Wing-T terms and series type of attack, but also adds what most of us like about the Spread offense, mostly attacking every inch of the field. We just went to camp and have been toying with the addition of Rocket from the Gun. It has virtually eliminated the ONE thing that gave us some trouble at the end of last season, and that was heavy inside blitzing. With the Rocket, it is defensive suicide to bring the house inside. Coaches' Choice just picked up production of my DVD's, and I hope they will be of the same quality that my staff and I developed this off-season.

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    We bought your cd and switched from a traditional wing i "power" football
    We also have a disc from some small college, not sure who it is. We were 3-9 last year and are currently 4-3 and 7 points away from being 6-1. I attribute the spread t as the main reason we have improved and Im a defensive guy!!! I love defending the traditional wing t teams because of the condensed sets, makes it easier for us to hide our lack of size. When teams spread us out thats when we get into trouble. I was jsut wondering if there are any other dvds, books, tapes, or whatever else you all can recomend.

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    Default Coach Plaa

    Could someone elaborate on what sort of formations/plays one would be getting with purchase of this product? Just curious to see if it is what we are looking for

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