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Thread: Dilemma: How much contact?

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    Default Dilemma: How much contact?

    Open-ended question here: I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place:

    On the one hand I have a inexperienced line varsity wise. On the other hand these kids have experience with the system.

    I need them to be physical but, we are thin on the line as far as numbers go.

    How much contact can I really ask for each week in practice. We have been very successful the past few years and go heavy contact Tues-Thurs. I think the contact each day has gotten some of these kids more physical then might have been. I realize physicality is the toughest thing to coach-sometimes they got it or they don't.

    But, I can't afford injuries. I would love to go uppers like the pros but, I don't know if our kids can handle it.



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    we hit mon-wed and hit often!!!
    I feel like you are physicality is improved because of it!
    Now i feel early on you hit as much as you can and when time for the playoff runs begin lay off some of the hitting other than scrimmaging!!!!
    Javier Valdes
    Head Football Coach
    Mater Academy Lions
    Miami, FL

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    Our games are mostly on Saturdays. We hit full on Tuesday/Wednesday; Thud Defensively and work team Offense vs bags w/just uppers on Thursday. Fridays & Mondays...helmets only. If we have a Friday game, we simply cut out the Thursday scheme, but still hit Tuesday/Wednesday.

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    We hit M-W - even some of Thursday. To be honest we get more injuries going half speed or in uppers.

    Plus, I would rather risk injury than put a soft team on the field. We can always say we block and tackle every day - I think that gives High School kids confidence.

    Come playoff time we will adjust. I know people are very successful doing it differently, just what we do.

    Every coach has a feel for their team during the year, so I think you know when you can start to dailing back the hitting. If I am going to make a mistake though, it is going to be being too physical in practice not not physical enough.

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    There's no getting around the fact that football is a physical game. I believe that coaching physicality at this level is a must. HOWEVER, you have a legitimate concern that if I were you, I would analyze day to day, and even drill to drill. Like the throttle on a vehicle, I would gun it when I think I can and then pull back when I feel it's necessary. I don't think that you want to carve a decision in granite either way. I would feel it out and make intelligent adjustments as you go...
    Be great!
    Frank Laratta

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    We get after it on Tuesdays. We go live on the line thud the backs in ourinside run period( both off and def ). Wednesday we gear it down but will still some live stuff. Most of our games are on Fri so we have a quick 30-40 min practice on Thur. w/ no pads or helments. Like most of these posts we back off as the playoffs approach. We have done alot more hitting over the last 2 years and we have seen a definate improvement as far as our players flying to the ball and making hits. I believe the physical part of our practice should be the toughest we face that particular week. The game should be easy.

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    We play on Friday nights, so, being physical is a double edged sword. How much of a risk do you take "at the High School level"? We have found that fresher legs, lighter towards the end of the week (whether its conditioning or full pads) has helped our kids be more hungry to hit and be "fanatical" with their energy!! Good luck during summer workouts and preseason to all.
    J.C. Hall-Courtland High
    Spotsylvania, Va.

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