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Thread: Belly vs. 3-5-3

  1. Default Belly vs. 3-5-3

    Our first opponent will run the 3-5 at us and I have a question about running the belly to the SE side.

    They stack the DL/LB on the center and the tackles. Their dogs(olbs) are on the LOS two or three yards outside of our last man on LOS. The way I see it:

    The PST will block Gap/Down/On (ON in this case)
    The PSG will pull and kick out the dog
    The Center will block the nose
    The Halfback will jab and block the MLB

    This leaves the LB stacked behind the playside DE(4 technique) unblocked. How do you guys address this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default belly vs 353

    Wideseven, Saw Bellevue run belly with this scheme vs. 353 very very effectively:
    Red frm
    Psg-blk out on Dt
    Pst-folds under Og and blk stack Mlb
    C-blk Nose
    Left Wb- blk Stack Olb-leads up through B gap
    Rt Wb- motion accounts for left dog or belly sweep threat
    Fb had some big plays.
    Dont remember which game but it worked for Bellevue. John

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    We block it this way:
    PT - gap, down, on
    PG and C - attack middle stack
    PSHB - 1st LB from center (OLB)

    WE leave the dog unblocked. WE hold him with Rocket motion. If he's making the tackle on Belly, then we have to run Belly Sweep, Belly Pass, or Rocket.

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    PST - block on
    PSG pull & KO OLB
    C - block nose
    BSG - pull & fold to block MLB
    HB - block ILB

    You could also have C & BSG zone nose to center

    I also agree that you can leave the OLB unblocked and hold him with QB keep, belly keep pass, belly sweep, rocket threat, or jet threat.

    Here is something that we do that has helped greatly on belly against OLB's in any type of front, whether we are accounting for them or not:
    We have the SE run a crack course on them and YELL CRACK! We then run by them and block the safety. Yelling crack will usually get their attention and hold them long enough for them not to dive in on belly. Of course, we crack them on belly keep and sweep.

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    We like to run it out of spread - that will walk the Dogs out over your wings.

    We are now 2 on 2 on the perminter.

    We have the center block the nose

    PST to Mike

    PSG kick out end and we will hold thier stack backer with motion and option action with our oppisite wing comming in motion from his spread position.

    Because we have their Corner and Dog blocked if the Stack Backer to the Belly side is falling in we will run belly option and end up pitching off the FS.

    If the nose starts to slant to motion we get cut back.

    If we run it out of loose we will send the Dive Back on the stack backer and not block the dog - if he is falling in we should have KP or option.

    Also vs 3-5 teams we will run belly out of DBL Tight and see what how they align.

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    PST - On (DE)
    PSG & C - Middle stack
    PSHB - Stack LB
    We don't block the dogs either. Belly has been one of our best and most consistent plays against the 3-5. Also, try running belly to trips and end-over unbalanced and see how the defense adjusts.

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    We prefer to run Down instead of Belly. We use jet motion to get the stack LB out of the box or we just run jet sweep. We bring the SE over to the TE wing side to influence the defense more.

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    We block it similar....We run it out of a Dbl Wing look. We also run belly more as a quick hitter. Our basic OL rules are to scoop to the hole-

    PST - Step Rt, seal DT outside
    PSG - Step Lt, lead up on outside stacked backer. (Helping PST on the way)
    C - Step Lt, NT
    LW - Wrap behind and lead up on MLB
    RW - Motion takes away dog. (Also helps pull outside stacked backer just enough for the PSG to have a nice angle)

    The cross block action makes for nice blocking angles.


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    Couldn't you just zone the thing and have the slot seal the stacked LB? With the jet motion I think the spur wouldn't be a problem. Have the pgs step to B for any slant/blitz from the stack then work to Mike, everyone backside scoop. Have RB back read the nose-- if center is able to reach him hit it B if not cut-it back to backside A.

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