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    i was watching a video with rich erdelyi and he mentioned belly slide, can anyone tell me about this? thanks

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    From Coach Erd's playbook. I'll give you just the RH's assignment since the Slide call just applies to him in this case.
    "Red 35 Belly Slide
    RH: Jet motion. Slide 2 steps sideways @ QB area.
    Block 1st LB from Center."

    So. The QB will nod to the RH to start him in Jet motion. When the RH is behind the QB the QB calls out "Red". The RH will square his shoulders to the LOS and slide/shuffle two steps which puts him in B-gap. After a short pause the QB concludes his cadence by growling, "Set", and the ball is snapped.

    If you need more info, PM me but there are more knowledgeable coaches than me on here.

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