In my 60 years as a coach I have averaged attending 10 clinics a year. All have been good with new ideas on teaching O,D-S.T.This is my 5th Summit and many of the talks are new ideas and thing we need to hear.
1.Speed by Bill Parisi
2.Play Safe by Bob Gray from the Cleveland Clinic
3.Steroids by Dr Goldberg.Oregon clinic.His pictures are worth 1000 words
4.Secrets of a great H S program Dick Dullagran
5.Focus when Heat is On. Dr. Kevin Elko.Psychologist for many NFL Teams
6.Skit How to handle parents.Zach Minor. all should see.
7.Developing a Feeder System-Jerry Horowitz.
8.Hot Topics Tom Bass and Chuck Klausing
9.Character and Life Skills. Zach Minor.
10 Recognising Talent Gil Brandt. Former head of Scouting Dallas Cowboys.

It is a shame that this is not taped and given to all coaches. I am going to suggest It by Chuck Klausing I am looking foreward to networking to the great coaches that have been invited.