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Thread: BellyMotion but run the Buck Series

  1. Default BellyMotion but run the Buck Series

    I was wondering if anyone has a special call to put the Wing Back into Belly Motion but come back against the Belly motion with the 20 series. Example: Wing Right 26 TAG with Belly Motion @ 7 and the QB & WB continue option @ 7 while the play goes right

    Coaches I have done this in the past but I am looking for a special call to cut down on the verbage being used in play calling.

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    Default Belly Motion but run buck sweep

    Bellevue does this and it is very deceptive. We are going to experiment with it this year. I think we're going to tag our play call with the for "fake", which tells the wing to fake belly action.

    ex. 938 Buck Sweep "Fake"

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    I think this is what you are talking about:
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  4. Default Blocking the flank?

    jsanny, i like your idea of running 20 series against belly motion, however, how would you block the flank on this? Are you running inside the DE (kicking out with the playside G) or trying to reach him?

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    We block it just like buck sweep. The Wing blocks down on the DE.

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    What jsanny has laid out is a version of the Belly Sweep play that has the ballcarrier in motion TOWARD the playside.

    Unless I am mistaken, the original question was about Belly Motion in one direction and then running Buck Series BACK to the side the motion came from. We don't use Belly Motion so we don't have a call for that, but we would tag Jet/Rocket motion before the play to tell our HB's that we are motioning away from the playside. (Ex. - Rock 28 Sweep means that the RHB will go in Rocket motion toward the left, and we will run Buck Sweep to the right with the LHB.)

    As far as Tiger3's question of how to block the flank, I would only do it where I had a 3 surface side (G-T-TE or G-T-RB) to the Buck Sweep side. This is something that we started playing around with last season, and we are going to do a TON of this season from Empty Gun. We are going to run Buck Sweep as basically a counter play away from Jet/Rocket action with RB's and QB serving as ball carriers. It looks great so far, and I am excited to see what it looks like as we get into our scrimmage and regular games.

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    IF I can rememeber my Delaware terms correctly, they would use the term "M" to send the wing/slot away from the play in dummy motion.

    M 121 Buck Sweep.
    is buck sweep right, with the right wing back going in 3 step motion away from the play.
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    We initially called that Waggle Ohio. Ohio (where my old coach is from) stood for Option Opposite.
    It eventually evolved into the Waggle Shovel, which gave me a triple option threat with the waggle.
    You can see an article I wrote on it here:
    Waggle Shovel Article
    You can contact me on the site as well.
    Good luck,
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Is this what you're talking about?
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