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Thread: Different ideas when running waggle

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    Default Different ideas when running waggle

    I was draing up some varations for waggle.
    I was using the Spread 900 formation and having the LH either motion across the formation there.

    SE 0 0 x 0 0 TE
    Q LH
    FB RH

    Where is what I was thinking:
    29 Waggle Flood

    LH - Fade
    RH - Fake sweep
    FB Normal waggle route
    TE 8-10 yd out
    SE - Post

    What Are others doing?
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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    Waggle has been a very versatile play for me.
    I've used Waggle Switch, Waggle Shovel, Waggle Out, waggle to the TE side, and waggle out of toss sweep and down actions.
    Waggle Switch and Waggle Shovel were two of my favorites.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Vs. Cover 3 - we we call this boot badger because we got the route concept from the wi badgers. The SE runs a deep skinny post to drive the corner and FS deep. He has to push the corner deep but get inside enough to keep the FS honest if they are in three shell. Basically get inbetween the two

    The play's intent is to hit the TE as climbs to 15 yards deep not our normal 10-12. With the cover 3 shell driven deep by the SE post there is a nice hole, for a bigger gain then our normal boot.

    Here is the important part - if the FS jumps the deeper TE crosser the SE comes open for a big hitter on the post . Have your oppisite wing run a throw back to hold B/S corner. You still have FB in flat.

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