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Thread: Blocking Trap vs. 4-4

  1. Default Blocking Trap vs. 4-4

    We are facing a 4-4 team this week who like to put both d-tackles in A Gap. Would you consider long trapping the D-End with this Defense?

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    Absolutely- PSG blocks DT, PST releases to LB, long trap the end.

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    Double A's

    Here is an idea...

    Widen the guards split just wide enough for the defense not to notice and run 24 Gut.

    Center - Away on back side DT.
    PSG- Influence the DT by pulling toward TE like sweep.
    BSG- Pull and gut/wrap up tight to the C's ass and block bslb.
    PST- Up on PSLB
    FB- Hit it hard and fast.

    You will be surprised what that influence pull does to the defensive line and backers.

    Personaly I never had a lot sucess with the "Long" call it always gets banged up.

    In watching Wing-T teams play I do not think enough of them use these types of key breakers against the defense.

    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    One of the coaches on here uses a great saying
    "Don't attack a walled city"

    If they are playing double A's in a 4-4 look, the trap isn't going to be there consistently. Depending on where their ends line up you either have the edge or off-tackle. If your getting c-gap defenders you have any edge play you want (Keep, Boot, Jet, Rocket, Buck ect...) if they are containing you can just run off-tackle (Power, Belly, Down).

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    Good points coach. I think that is a Woody hayes phrase.

    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default Belly

    Belly them to death. Make them get out of there now.

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