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Thread: Getting the FB more ways to carry the ball

  1. Default Getting the FB more ways to carry the ball

    Any ideas on ways to have the FB get carries/touches other than traditional ways(trap, belly, down, waggle). We use a lot of trap, belly and down and teams are attacking and putting a lot of keys on our FB. We do run buck, down sweep, rocket, to get the ball to our wings, with a FB fake. I just have a really good FB and want to get him the ball in different ways, without moving him to WB, etc. We run Red/Blue, 100/900 and all the variations off those(loose, tight, spread, right/left, etc.). Just figured I'd ask, thanks in advance.

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    FB Toss from Red and Blue with Motion gives you two lead wing blockers and a guard if you want to send him too. We block it exactly like Jet.

    FB Flip away from motion (Crack with the SE on the DE and run it like QP).

    FB Screen away from motion.

    Gansett' made a living on this stuff when they had that Carnery kids a few years ago.

    Talk to you soon.


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    Coach Ting,
    Try could try 91, 99 Lead Option or we use a 31 or 39 Toss to the FB out of traditional 300 and 700 formation.
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    Coach Ting:
    I know you don't want to put him at wing, but what about offsetting him. We offset ours in dbl slot fake rocket one way run ctr back with him. Also run the toss to him when he is off set.
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    Toss Sweep, FB middle Screen, Speed Option ... just to name a few.
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    Coach Ting -- For some reason, I thought that you were running the "40 Series". As you mentioned, we also have a very good FB and we are constantly looking for ways to keep him involved in the offense.
    1) Triple Option
    2) Midline
    3) Draw
    4) FB Screen
    5) Toss to FB using Jet Sweep Blocking
    6) Speed Option away from Jet or Rocket (versus 7MF onlly)

    Best wishes,
    Denny Dierick

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    Line up with no backs in the backfield & have the FB run jet sweep.

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    Coach Dierick,

    We run a ton of 40 series, I forgot to mention that on the thread. Our FB has 528yds. in 4 games. We are seeing a ton of 5-2/5-3 teams and the triple for us has been difficult with e rookie QB. They are pinching the dline and blitzing backers like crazy!!!

    Having a rookie QB makes it hard on our midline and triple? If we played more 40 front teams I'd be happy!!!

    I have run 31/39 FB Toss a couple years ago and looks like we need to bing that back.

    Coach Mac,

    I definitely want to use FB like Gansett did a few years ago with Canney!!! The toss was their big play to him.

    Thank you everyone for your replies. Definitely appreciated and I will use some of these ideas.

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    You can run him on buck sweep like a counter trey. EX: Line up in 100, have him counter step and fake belly to SE, then run buck to him. Blocking is all the same just a new step for FB.

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    we have successfully incorporated what we call "double dive" (borrowed from Stars Mill High in GA.) and the midline opt. (no pitch, just qb keep). both plays open like veer and we read the 3 tech. (outside eye of G or wider). has worked wonders.

    the double dive is, hands down, the absolute best play we have ever instituted in our offense, bar none! it is amazing how well it works, even when teams know its coming. unbelievable play.
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