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Thread: Need help vs. 4-3

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    Default Need help vs. 4-3

    Need some advice on how to attack 4-3. Play DE in 6i with Sam LB stacked just outside; 3 tech to TE, 2i to Split side, and 4i DE to split side with Will LB stacked just outside. I would like to attack weak - any thoughts???

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    Belly Bounce

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    What is that?
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    We run belly bounce like belly but if the end is head up or a 4i the HB takes his first step and instead of taking his block in the B gap he takes it to the alley. The FB uses the same footwork but follows the HB outside. The OL lone reaches. When your FB gets good he will start into the LOS and then Bounce outside. We like it if we know we can reach the end and there is only one alley player to block. Again, not the only answer but we like it. It is another tool to keep that alley player at home and not falling in on belly. After the hand off have your QB set up for keep pass - don't have him carry out option fake - again just the way we do to.

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    If I understand the def. right then it looks to me like you have a huge advantage running off tackle to the TE side. If they play that Sam out side the TE and have a MLB playing over the center I would try and run power, belly, buckseep, just attack the te side.

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    Yeah! Run rocket, jet, rocket, jet then when your done with that run rocket, jet again. We love to see 43's and if we saw that defense that would make us sooo excited. We NEVER SEE 40's anymore. We see only 50's now.
    Here is the thing:
    1. All they are doing to you is defending you with a gap concept and changing who is responsible for the gap.

    2.Probably what is going on is that they do not believe their down DL can contain the outside run and so they are now placing their better athletes on the outside to play contain.

    Here is the problem in their thinking:
    1. They are having their outside contain players defending the outside by playing 3-4 yds off of the ball.

    2.They are now putting their DL in position where your OL can block them very easy when you run outside plays. They are making the blocks for you. Your kid does not need to reach and run now. He just reaches and seals (EASY!)

    SO what do you do?
    Get to them before they get to you and now force them to contain sooner or by changing their alignement.
    Fast outside plays that hit quickly. Rocket and jet.
    TO the TE side number one is the 6i number two is SLB. Block one with TE and two with WB and now you have the offset FB block CB.

    To the SE side number one is the 4i number two WLB. Block number one with T, number two a few ways: reduce your split and crack him and the WB blocks CB or WB blocks two and SE cracks to SS or WB blocks two and SE blocks CB.

    Once you have success with the rocket and jet they will do a few things:
    1. Widening
    2. Use secondary to defend you.
    Then common sense kicks in if:
    1. They widen you run in
    2. They cover the run with secondary you pass.
    Hope this helps

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