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    First, thanks to everyone for all of your advice on my previous questions. We have our first playoff game this week and I am facing a team that potentially will put a 6 man front and have 9 in the box. The Center is uncovered and when inACE formation, both wings are covered. In your opinion, what would you suggest us to run against this type of defense. I am thinking Bend up the middle, belly series including tackle trap. But what else do you think would work? Thanks again!

  2. Default There is a bunch of things...

    just depends what you have...

    Jet sweeps can loosen things in the middle. and off the edge...

    Do you have waggles or KP's. Quick passes (ie: slants).

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    I'm thinking push the flank with Jet/Rocket if your WB can get the blocks on #2...

    Also Belly KP and anything off tackle- if they are all 1st level defenders then you'll GASH them if you can get a crease...a la DOWN- make that 9th man (FS) make the tackle...

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    We saw this look a few times this year. The jet really hurt them because they have no flats defenders. Once the ball carrier hits the edge he's gone. We pull the PSG on Jet, and he really helps clean up the clutter.

    However, if you see 9 in the box you have to throw. Floor patterns and roll outs should exploit their lack of flats coverage. You should also be able to screen well.

    I did not counter and trap against this look, because their's just too much mess in the middle. For my inside game I stuck to Belly and lead and just went with the 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

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