Secrets On "How to Win"

by Chuck Klausing

    Most of us agree that with good material and a good coaching staff, we will win.  We all know there are cycles of winning.  At times, a school has good athletes for a few years and then they hit a down cycle. Yet, I have seen coaches win in both the up and down cycles.  

    I hear coaches say that soccer is getting the good young athletes into their programs.  Could that be because they have a strong youth development plan?

    What are you doing to get the good athletes into your program?  In my first year of coaching I felt I hit a down cycle.  Our school was losing in all sports.  We only had nineteen out for football.

    We had a youth program in the 4th and 8th grades.  I joined in with them.  I helped their coaches, I officiated their games and I taught the grade school boys football fundamentals in my physical education classes.  We went to over forty on our team with an 80% winning average.

    I then moved on to a larger school with a bigger challenge.  They, too, had been on a down cycle for about 25 years!  They never had a winning season and had very little interest in football.

    They did have a youth program that had players from all the surrounding communities. Again, I went to work helping the coaches and the players began coming my way!  Our teams, over the next six years went 55 games without a loss!

    The secrets to Winning in High School:

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