The Delaware Wing-T Individual Blocking Techniques


The Delaware Wing-T uses the shoulder block.  That thought is that by using the shoulder block you are teaching a safe, sound technique.  You will deliver a blow using the play side shoulder and forearm, keeping the head away from contact.  We want your head to be on the play side of the defender.  The shoulder block is the base foundation of all the blocks used in the offense.

By mastering the shoulder block technique, you will be able to master all of the types of blocks used by the Delaware Wing-T



1.  Base Block- A block used to block a man on you.  Step with play side foot,

                          deliver blow with away side shoulder and forearm.  Aim for

                          outside hip of defender drive through man rotate hips to

                          play side.


2.  Down Block- Used to block first man down on the line, inside on an adjacent

                            offensive lineman.  Step flat down to inside with inside foot, rip

                            backside arm through, deliver blow with near shoulder and

                            forearm drive the man down the line.  Head should be on the

                            back hip of Defensive lineman.

                            Note: If Defensive man is penetrating, use Gap block



3.  Fire Block- Used to aggressively block man on play side.  Step with play side  

                         foot, laterally and slightly up Field, deliver blow with inside

                         shoulder and forearm.  Head should be outside of defender. 

                         Once you have position on him rotate hips into hole and the

                         block turns into Base blocking.


  4.  Gap Block-  Used to block man in inside gap.  Step down inside with inside

                          foot, rip backside arm and leg through.  Deliver blow with far

                          side shoulder and forearm, getting head across the D linemanís

                          belt.  This is a reverse shoulder block used to stop penetration.


5.  Log Block-  Block used to hook the end man on the line of scrimmage.  Take

                          pull step to the play side, get depth, attempt to head outside and

                          hook defensive man.  If he opens up kick him out.



6.  Pull -  Used to get to the point of attack and carry out assignment.  Take          

                short open step with play side foot, rip play side elbow back then rip        

                backside arm and leg through.  Continue behind line execute blocking         

                assignment, kick out or wall off.


7.  Trap Block-  Used to block inside out on a Defensive lineman.  Take short

                           step with play side foot, rip backside arm and leg through,

                           replace adjacent lineman gaining ground.  Deliver blow with

                           play side shoulder and forearm with head up field.  Drive man

                           out of hole.

8.  Touchdown Block-  Used when we want to get an extra blocker at the point

                                       of attack from across the field.  Used mainly on Sweep       

                                       where the offensive tackle will sprint across field at the

                                       dept of the linebackers and kick out the cornerback.



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