Taking Advantage of Defensive Adjustments to the Speed Sweep. 

by Chuck Klausing

Coaches have sent me over 100 tapes of the Jet Series and I have studied them with great interest.  When I look at the offenses, I study what the defenses are doing to stop the sweep.  I believe the motion is the greatest of all false keys.

I see the 7 man fronts with only 3 defenders inside the "B" Gap.

You need to work on your traps - sucker and guts, as well as belly and ice vs. wide "5" techniques.

I see the 8 man fronts and some only have 2 inside the "B' Gaps.

If they have 4, they are weak to the outside.

The flanks are the numbers game.  When you have 3 blockers to their defenders, I believe you have an advantage with the speed of the jet motion.

I see defenses moving their #3 to the outside and up - gaining a 3 1/2 and 4 advantage.

We must look where the advantage is coming from.  If it comes from the secondary with corner or safety fires, we must be prepared to hurt them with the pass.

I see linebackers and secondaries rotating hard with the motion.  We must be prepared to hurt them with counters-reverses-boot- and waggles.

The samrt coach is prepared for all of these!

At our camps we will prepare the complete Jet package, as well as the trick plays to be run with Jet Motion.

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