A Study of the "Jet Sweep Series"

by Chuck Klausing

1. This is a great addition to the Wing "T".

2. For Years the "Buck Sweep Series" has been a real staple of the offense.

3. It offered deception and power to the offense.

4. Lately defenses are reading the guards and wrong arming all kick out blocks.

5. I have watched the Jet Sweep from the defensive side of the ball.

6. The sweep is definitely faster.  The wing back is at full speed.

7. The Sweep spreads the flank wider.

8. This opens up the buck play inside.  Linebackers cannot read the pulling guard that would open the sucker play.

9. The QB kicks to start the WB in motion and the ball is snapped when he is four feet from you.

10. The QB makes a 180 degree pivot off the mid line with your back to the L.O.S.

11. Blocking assignments have the Tackle blocking the first defender outside the "B" gap and the slot blocking #2.

12. It is very important that the slot and tackle not allow penetration so the guard can get in front of the play.

13. I also find the speed motion in front of the FB helping run and shoot pass patterns.

14. Maybe we should call it the "Sweep buck Series."


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