by Chuck Klausing

Webster - Defines precise as 1) definite or exact, 2) being exactly that; 3) just that; 5) exact in measuring; 6) particular

I asked a veteran successful high school coach - Jim Rankin from North Allegheny High School in Pennsylvania - Why some coaches are not winning with the Wing-T. He replied that they are not precise enough.  They make too many adjustments that can beat the average team.  Then when they play against tough defenses, they fail.

In the summer of 1994, I took the Swiss National Youth team to Berlin to play the European Championship.  In our first game, we drew the German team that ran the Wing-T.  They had better material than the Pensylavania Big 33 team.  They looked like storm troopers from a top Panzer Division.


We teach the precise Wing-T formation that looks like this:

In scouting the Germans, I saw the wingback cock in at a 45-degree angle and align too wide and too deep.  When they ran the sweep, our 9 technique end penetrated deep and knocked off their pulling guards.   This allowed our cornerback to penetrate and our linebackers to flow and stop the sweep.

At times I see fullbacks line up deeper when they are to carry the ball.  I see set halfbacks make adjustments to gain a blocking advantage.  In the Swiss-German game, I learned enough of the Swiss language to call out where the Germans would run the ball.  This gave our defense a great advantage.

At our Wing-T camps, we teach very precise formations and position techniques.  It takes good drillmasters to make them definite, exact and particular in measurement.

the past three years, the entire Dowling High School teams and coaches attended my camps.  In 1998, their record was 9-2.  In 1999, it was 10-2.  In 2000 they won the state championship with a record of 12-0.  I asked Coach Matt Dillon - "Why?"  He replied, "We used the exact precise formation and plays and techniques that you teach in camp."

It could work for you.


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