Scoring Power With the Winged-T Offense
Dave M. Nelson and Forest Evashevski
Wm. C. Brown Company, Dubuque, Iowa (1957)
Wing-T and The Chinese Bandits
Paul F. Dietzel
Chinese Bandits, Baton Rouge, LA (1957)
The Modern Winged-T Playbook
David M. Nelson and Forest Evashevski
Wm. C. Brown Company, Dubuque, Iowa (1961)
Football Principles and Play
David M. Nelson
The Ronald Press Company, New York (1962)
Athletic Journal Encyclopedia of Football
a. The Delaware Wing-T
Ted Kempski
b. Wing-T Options
H.R. Raymond
Parker Publishing Co. Inc., West Nyack, NY (1978)
The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football.
H.R. Raymond and Ted Kempski
Parker Press Co., Inc., West Nyack, NY (1986)
The Wing-T From A - Z
University of South Dakota State

Wing-T Manuals:

Wing-T Offensive Line Manual    

John Dull and Bruce Cobleigh
JHM Dull Productions, Rutherford, NJ (1994)

Dynamics of the Double Wing

Hugh Wyatt 1503 NE 6th Avenue
Camas, Washington 98607

The Wing T Offense with Zone Blocking Techniques

Lloyd Sisco
Washington HS, Washington, Iowa
The Football Academy

Articles from: Duffy Daugherty Coach of the Year Clinics: Football Manuals

A Review of the Delaware Wing-T
H.R. "Tubby" Raymond
Pages 199-205 (1989)

The Belly Series (Run out of the T formation)
Bob Milloy- Springbrook H.S., Md
Pages 138-140 (1991)

The Delaware Wing-T Attack
Don Danko- Clark County H.S., Kentucky
Pages 68-74 (1992)

The Wing-T Trap Series
Deryl Ramey- Willmar H.S., Mn
Pages 177-181 (1993)

The Ageless Delaware Wing-T
H.R. "Tubby" Raymond
Pages 182-190 (1993)

Delaware Wing-T Update
H.R. "Tubby" Raymond
Pages 179-185 (1994)

A High School Wing-T Package
Irv Sigler- Belding H.S., Michigan
Pages 234-237 (1995)

Articles from: Scholastic Coach

The Delaware Buck Sweep
Ted Kempski
May, June 1975

Delaware Belly for the Small Fullback
Fred L. Waldron
August 1977

Belly Option Series From Wing-T
Dale L. Sprague
48:29 52-56 August, 1978

The Wings in Colgates Wing-T
Fred Dunlap
48:26-28 June 1979

Wing-T Trap Option
Win Elias
3:21 Sept., 1979

Spread Trap Option and Complements from Delaware Wing-T
Gregg Perry
50:24-25 May, June, 1980

Base Backfield Drills- Delaware Wing-T
Gregg Perry and Stephen Verbit
51:68 70 Aug., 1981

Rejuvenating the Traditional Wing-T Flank Game
Robert Sabol
52:60 34 Aug., 1982

Triple Optioning the Delaware Wing-T
Peter Dyer
51:38 Nov., 1982


The Science of Coaching: Video Lecture Series:

Delaware Wing-T: Ground Attack

Delaware Wing-T: Passing Game

Why the Wing-T?

Using the Bone with the Wing-T
Tubby Raymond

Wing-T Passing Attack
Paul Barnes
Frostburg State University, Md

Wing-T Sally Play
Paul Barnes
Frostburg State University, Md

Running the Wing-T in High School
Walt Bruan
Marysville HS, MI

Wing-T Option Football
Bob Doyle
Chardon HS, Ohio

The Wing-T Attack
Rich Erdelyl
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA

Wing-T Trap and Buck Sweep Series
Alton Franklin
Haynesville HS, LA

The Wing-T: G-Option, Dive and Option Pass: Volume I and II
John Haller
Ohio Wesleyan University

The Wing-T Series
Jerry Horowitz
John F. Kennedy HS, Bronx, NY

The Full House-T
Jim Lasalle
Miller HS, MO

Wing-T, Boot Waggle Pass
Mark Loureiro
Escalon HS, CA

Unique Compliments to the Wing-T

Adapting the Wing-T to Your Personnel
Danny Meier
Chantilly HS, VA

Drills for the Wing-T and I-Back Offense
Bob Milloy
Sherwood HS, Md

Wing-T Counter Game
Ralph Munger
Rockford HS, MI

Multiple Wing-T
Ryan Roank
Cuero HS, TX

Grambling Wing-T: Part I and II
Eddie Robinson and Melvin Lee
Blue Ridge Productions

The Real Wing-T
The University Of Delaware

Maximizing Your Offense Potential Part II:
Multiplicity for the 90's
The University of Delaware

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